About Breathren

“You are how you breathe!”

I once met this doctor that I interviewed (I’ve worked in the PR industry for more than two decades) who got paid to teach people how to breathe and I was fascinated! Dr. McEwan was an expert in Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome and I could relate to some of his work based on the fast pace required to operate in media.

I latterly became inspired to study the Buteyko Breathing set of techniques with Patrick McKeown who was a student of  Dr Konstantin Butyeko. Thought I may as well learn from the best! I have always been an admirer of people in sport, business and life who could operate in an energetic manner yet remain calm. That’s exactly what an insight into breathing exercises offers in benefiting your life.

In setting up Breathren, I’ve met with literally hundreds of people who recognised that they hyperventilate or over breathe (but sometimes only after I explained) some do it whilst asleep with their mouth open (that’s me above, mouth taped so I don’t), others do it whilst at the gym, and many people who use technology either at work or outside of work or both, find themselves hyperventilating too!

It’s not something you want to do all of your life or at all if you can help it because it can lead to serious illness. I’m just pleased i can pass on my knowledge and help anyone who thinks they have a breathing problem, recognised or unrecognised.

Interestingly, since Breathren started, the biggest opportunity for us has turned out to be the number of companies and organisations that recognise how breathing techniques help their people relax more…leading to more harmonious and productive working environments!

Wellthy regards

Joel Jelen

Joel is a Fellow of the Buteyko Professionals International organisation (FBPI), also serves on their management board and is their Specialist Advisor on Public Relations.