Sleep Disorders

There are a variety of symptoms we specialize in helping people overcome through the Buteyko Breathing Method. We concentrate on four particular conditions, Sleep Apnoea being one of them.

From personal experience, ,many of you will know of the debilitating effects of sleeping badly or not sleeping at all. It can adversely affect all aspects of your life and can leave the sufferer feeling miserable and can lead to depression in some cases.

Given the way we live our lives and our overactive minds, it is not surprising we find it difficult to sleep soundly at night. The inability to get a good night’s sleep is often down to that overactive mind linked to habitual over breathing or hyperventilation. This disturbs blood gases resulting in excessive brain cell excitability leading to random and excessive thoughts.

Via the Buteyko Breathing Method, we have helped many sufferers return to a life of peaceful, refreshing sleep. It teaches the user to reverse the life time habit of over breathing which in turns leads to a calmer and less frenetic mind.