Testimonials about the benefits of Breathren:

“I found the workshop really interesting and have been putting the exercises into practice. I think people really need to see them done in real life and the workshop really demonstrated them well.” Frances Gill,Merseyside

“Joel was approachable and answered many questions throughout the session. Joel was very informative about the importance of breath.” Shirley Horrocks, Liverpool

“Breathren’s workshops really opened our eyes to the power of optimal breathing.” Genie in the Gutter, drug & alcohol recovery charity, Liverpool

“I’ve met a lot of people in newsrooms who can enjoy a much better quality of life in the workplace knowing this stuff!” Michelle Rushton, Trinity Mirror & Good News Liverpool

“As an Asthma sufferer for many years, i’m already feeling the benefits of Buteyko breathing retraining after just a short period of time Barbara Wells, Liverpool

“So many of us take our breathing for granted until we face stress and anxiety. Buteyko breathing techniques are the perfect antidote.” Robin Ellis, founder, www.yinyan.co.uk

“I can do a lot more sport and play with my friends without having to worry about an attack and I’m using less drugs.” A breath of fresh air for asthmatics. Andrew Denholm, Daily Mail

“I have been 95% symptom free and have much more energy and improved health, I would highly recommend Buteyko, especially for asthma and sinusitis.” Bosco Reid, Osteopath, Co. Donegal, Ireland

“Scores of patients no longer need to use drugs and have much better control over their symptoms.” A shorter intake of breath. Jerome Burne, The Independent.

“My mind is clear and I’m coping with stresses from work so much better.” Russell Squire, Brighton “Virtually every member of a group of 25 people reported a major improvement in their condition.” Alan Forbes, The Scotsman

“I developed M.E. and my symptoms included exhaustion, IBS, snoring and sleep apnoea, inflamed joints, irregular pulse, depression, memory loss, lots of colds…I’m now so much happier with my life because I have the energy to live it.” Bernadette Thompson, UK

“I recommend this skill without reservation, this is a resource that anyone would benefit from learning.” Dr. Antony Soyer MB.,BS. London

“We had no idea how we were breathing affected our day to day energy at work. Really amazing inside knowledge on wellness that we would never have otherwise thought about.” Pulse Casting Agency

“What’s mad is that we write lots about health but have never come across information like this. Efficient breathing really is the foundation of good health.” Liverpool Echo

“A great insight into what is highly valuable information. Everyone needs to have this in their locker for work and daily life.” My Planet Liverpool magazine

“Paying attention to how you breathe at work is an essential aid to keeping healthy and productive all day long.” Mencap Liverpool

“The power of the breath and breathing calmly cannot be underestimated for maintaining good productivity at work whilst at the same time, remaining relaxed, focused and feeling full of energy. It needs to be experienced to be believed.” 60 Hope Street Group